Straight Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!


"You have an awesome product. My husband has been a general contractor/carpenter for 40+ Years and has always used the blocks etc, and he got a card in a pack of advertising cards today and was elated when he saw your product. We watched the videos, done exceptionally well!"
   - Mary and Mike Staffrey, Youngstown, OH

"This product is great! As a Carpentry Instructor at Louisiana Technical College - Lamar Salter Campus, I have used every kind of gauge block out there. My Students were even impressed, which is no easy task! Thank you."
   - Bobby Bordelon, Leesville, LA

"It looks like something I would buy without question. Most of us will cut a 2” block of wood to use as a guide when we want to do something like this. This falls under why the hell did I not think of this? It is very easy to remove with a hammer or a drill if you use screws. This is a good product."
   - Mike Burke, Contractor - North Carolina

"As a Carpentry Instructor, I'm always looking for new products and equipment to demonstrate to students how to make our job faster, improve quality, and above all improve safety on the job site. After using the ALINE-SET to straighten exterior walls for setting trusses and plumbing walls and columns, the answer was quite simple. Great product!"
   - Dick Cantlon, Carpentry Instructor - Wood Tech Program, Western Technical College

"This is an innovative product that I would suggest every hardware store or lumber yard have on-hand for their contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The feedback from our contractors has been excellent. It’s accurate, saves time, and makes the job site safer. Some have even told me they’ll never go back to wood blocks!"
   – Jacob Scholze, Scholze Ace Home Center

"After I spoke with you last week Gary, I went online. I took a look at your product and I really liked what I saw. I can personally appreciate a product such as this. I was an Iron Worker for 7 years as well as did Concrete and Carpentry on the side. Being familiar with contractor’s needs around the area, I feel it’s a great product and I can sell it to my customers."
   – Chad Walsh, Walsh’s Ace Hardware