Straight Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!


Instruction - 1 Instruction - 2 Instruction - 3
1. Nail ALINE-SETs to opposite ends of projects to be straightened using one or two nails. 2. Tie your line to the first ALINE-SET using a simple loop with slip knot. 3. Loop the line at the opposite end.
Instruction - 4 Instruction - 5 Instruction - 6
4. Twist the loop two to three times. 5. Place the twisted loop over the second ALINE-SET. Pull and feed the line around the ALINE-SET until tight. 6. After your line is tight, pull the loose end of line back past the ALINE-SET.
Instruction - 7 Instruction - 8 Instruction - 9
7. A properly cinched line should look like the photo above. 8. Finish by pulling your line into the notch for a strong hold and tight line. 9. When finished, pull the line from the notch and remove, then easily remove ALINESETs with your hammer claw.

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