Straight Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!


• Reusable
• Quick & Easy Removal
• Light-Weight
• Durable

Aline-Sets are manufactured to exact specifications using state-of-the-art impact resistant polycarbonate resin.

Aline-Set fastens with one nail. Holds with just one nail.
Alineset offers multiple offets. Multiple offsets for different applications. The standard position offers line offsets of 3/4˝ and
1 1/2˝ while offsets of 1/4˝ and 1˝ are available in the inverted position.

Flip Aline-Set for multiple offsets.
Aline-Set uses a notch to easily finish setting your line. Notch to aid in setting a tight line.
Aline-set easily removes with your hammer claw. Easy to remove with the claw of your hammer.